Buffalo Run


The Buffalo Run retail store and gas station is a development on the Coushatta Reservation and will provide needed resources for the traveling and visiting public. The project will feature a full scale commercial kitchen in order to provide hot foods.

Project Highlights
  • Ongoing

  • $4 Million

  • 75,000 SF of Site Development

  • 5,000 SF Retail Outlet

Village Learning & Achievement Center - Community Center Remodel and Expansion


The Village Learning and Achievement Center's (VLAC) Community Center Remodel and Expansion was full scale renovation of an existing church facility located in the heart of Kingwood Texas. Per their website, VLAC is non-profit organization headquartered out of Kingwood, TX that encourages individuals with disabilities to continue to increase academic skills, participate in community service projects, enjoy leisure activities, paint beautiful pieces of ceramics, utilize the sensory room, take part in “Cooking to Learn” classes and simply enjoy spending time with friends. The renovation of the community center was a vital project for the organization, allowing the organization to expand it's usable facilities and help more clients in the Houston and Surrounding area. KCM was honored to be apart of this extraordinary project.

Project Highlights
  • 51,000 SF Project Site

  • 4,500 SF Interior Renovation

  • Renovated to conform to the 2012 TAS ADA Code

Historic Dowling Street Reconstruction Project


Historic Dowling Street Reconstruction Project is a public works project in the City of Houston. KCM managed the construction of Dowling Street from Elgin to McGowen. The project consisted of installing new drainage, sanitary sewer, water lines, fire hydrants and relocation of existing Center Point Gas Lines, electrical lines, power poles, streetlights, and Comcast cable lines. The concrete work consisted of additional pervious concrete parking, removal and replacement of concrete pavement, new residential and business driveways, sidewalks, and ramps with some decorative concrete sidewalks. There is also a new irrigation system with landscaping and hardscaping features.

Project Highlights: Beautification of Historic Dowling Street
Project Costs: 4.6 Million
Project Duration: Ongoing

HCC SW Brays Oaks


HCC SW Brays Oaks HCC SW Brays Oaks is a new Houston Community College Campus located in SW Houston on West Belford. KCM is the prime sub for this site work package. This new construction project consists of a 2 story building, approximately 27,000 SF. The site work package consists of clearing and grubbing, excavation and fill, pond excavation, storm sewer pipes- inlets-manholes, domestic and fire water lines, sanitary sewer pipes and manholes, installation of a building pad, lime stabilization, compaction, concrete pavement-curb-sidewalk, traffic control, stripping, landscaping, hardscaping, and fencing.

Project Highlights: 27,000 SF New Campus
Project Costs: 1.4 Million
Project Duration: 8/2015 – 5/2016